Honouring the pioneers of Bibliometrics & Scientometrics: updated

Emilio Delgado López-Cózar edelgado at UGR.ES
Wed Jul 1 05:54:48 EDT 2015

Dear colleagues, it is a pleasure to inform you that we have updated 
our portal "Classic Scholar's Profiles: Bibliometrics and 
Scientometrics" with the inclusion of your profile, as well as those of 
various other eminent researchers in this field.

Previously, this website only displayed profiles of deceased authors 
for whom we created a Google Scholar Citations profile. Now we have 
added the profiles of other renowned authors who had already created 
their own profile, and contacted other authors who didn't have a profile 
in this service, asking for permission to create theirs. The authors 
included are:

Samuel C. Bradford
Tibor Braun
Bertram C. Brookes
Blaise Cronin
Derek. J. de Solla Price
Wolfgang Glänzel
Belver C. Griffith
Peter Ingwersen
Loet Leydesdorff
Jose María López Piñero
Alfred J. Lotka
Henk F. Moed
Michael J. Moravcsik
Vasily V. Nalimov
Francis Narin
Olle Persson
Alan Pritchard
Ronald Rousseau
András Schubert
Henry Small
Anthony FJ van Raan
Péter Vinkler
Jan Vlachý
Howard D. White
George Kingsley Zipz

As explained in the "About" section, there are some researchers who 
should appear in this list but are missing for the moment, like Eugene 
Garfield, and Leo Egghe. Their inclusion is pending approval.

As a new feature, we have added a list of the most cited documents 
published by these classic scholars. In this list we have also included 
documents written by Garfield and Egghe. The list shows the number of 
citations these documents have received according to Google Scholar and 
Web of Science, with the particularity that WoS citations have been 
computed using the "Cited Reference Search" tool available in WoS. With 
this move we want to bring attention to the possibilities that this 
"Pandora's Box" may present for collecting citation information for 
documents not indexed on WoS (books, theses dissertations, reports, 
conference proceedings, etc...) and citations that Thomson hasn't been 
able to link to their respective documents for one reason or another 
(mostly because the bibliographic reference contains some kind of 
error). Even after using this exhaustive bibliographic "storehouse" 
available in WoS, and in contradiction with what some authores have 
stated, the average number of citations retrieved from WoS is well below 
the one retrieved by Google Scholar: 100% of these documents have 
received more citations in GS than in WoS, and documents in GS have 
received, on average, twice as many citations in GS as they have in WoS.

You may access the product from the following url:


Thank you, and I hope you find it of interest,

Emilio Delgado López-Cózar
EC3 Research Group: Evaluación de la Ciencia y de la Comunicación 
Facultad de Comunicación y Documentación
Universidad de Granada

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