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Dear Prof. Gopal,

Greetings from New Delhi!
We are also developing a similar course for Master's in Science, Technology
and Innovation Studies (STIS) at JNU. I have found following course
structures and course contents appropriate and adaptable for y/our

*From INFLIBNET Centre, UGC, India*
The following course on Informetrics & Scientometrics is available online
with India's e-PG Pathshala: A Gateway to All Post Graduate Courses [An
MHRD Project under its National Mission on Education through ICT
(NME-ICT)]. The course contents are freely available online.

*Course Structure *
*Informetrics & Scientometrics *(I K Ravichandra Rao, Paper Coordinator)
Full-text Access:
01. Librametry, bibliometrics, scientometrics, informetrics and
webometrics: historical development. Content writer : Dr. S L Sangam
02. Data sources and software tools for bibliometric studies. Content
writer : N S Harinarayana
03. Library use studies. Content writer : A Y Asundi
04. Analysis of circulation data, including the quantitative methods to
evaluate collection. Content writer : A Y Asundi
05. Classical law of bibliometrics. Content writer : B K Sen
06. Bradford distributions: an overview. Content writer : B K Sen
07. Bibliometrics in assessing productivity and impact of research. Content
Writer : Dr. S L Sangam
08. Growth of literature. Content writer : I K Ravichandra Rao
09. Obsolescence factor: definition and calculation. Content writer : Dr. S
L Sangam
10. Citation analysis. Content writer : K C Garg
11. Science indicators. Content writer : Sujit Bhattacharya
12. Technology based indicators. Content writer : Sujit Bhattacharya
13. Bibliometric mapping of science. Content writer : K C Garg
14. Collaboration in science. Content writer : K C Garg
15. Scientometric studies and their role in science policy. Content writer
: Sujit Bhattacharya
16. Limitations of bibliometrics and scientometrics. Content writer : N S
17. Webometrics, cybermetrics and nettometrics. Content writer : N S
18. National mapping of science. Content writer : K C Garg
19. Basics of testing of hypotheses. Content writer : I K Ravichandra Rao
Full-text Access:

The following course on Research Evaluation Metrics is available with
UNESCO's Open Access Curricula for Researchers and Librarians. The course
contents will be soon freely available online with CC-BY license. You can
request a set of hardcopy from UNESCO using this link:

*Module 4: Research Evaluation Metrics*
This module dwells on a number of methods (including old and new) available
for research evaluation. The module comprises the following four units:
UNIT 1: Introduction to Research Evaluation Metrics and Related Indicators
1.0 Introduction
1.2 Use of Citation-based Indicators for Research Evaluation
1.3 Transition from Citation-Based Indicators to Author-Level and
Article-Level Metrics for Research Evaluation
1.4 Conclusion
UNIT 2: Innovations in Measuring Science and Scholarship: Analytical Tools
and Indicators for Evaluating Scholarly Communications
2.0 Introduction
2.2 Citation Databases
2.3 Analytical Products with Journal Performance Metrics
2.4 New Platforms for Evaluating Scholarly Communications
2.5 Conclusion
UNIT 3: Article and Author Level Measurements
3.0 Introduction
3.2 Unique Identifiers for Authors and Researchers
3.4 Academic Social Networks
3.5 Regional Journal Networks with Bibliometric Indicators
3.6 Conclusion
UNIT 4: Online Citation and Reference Management Tools
4.0 Introduction
4.2 Online Citation and Reference Management Tools
4.3 Conclusion
Further Details:

If you need any further information or assistance, you may contact me.

With Best Regards

Assistant Editor, Journal of Scientometric Research.

*Dr. Anup Kumar Das*
Centre for Studies in Science Policy
School of Social Sciences
Jawaharlal Nehru University
New Delhi - 110067, India
Email: anupdas2072 at

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> Dear All,
> Presently, I trying to introduce a Post - Graduate Course [45 X 50 Minute
> Lectures] titled:
> Fundamentals of Bibliometrics
> for the post graduate students in Computer Science & Engineering.
> Hopefully the course will be offered to other Post - Graduate Programmes in
> Engineering as well.
> Please sen in your valuable inputs for a possible syllabus for this course.
> Thanks in advance.
> Warmest Regards
> Gopal T V
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