Open Access Policy: Numbers, Analysis, Effectiveness

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Rick Anderson discusses the new ROARMAP on the Scholarly Kitchen blog:


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>Swan, Alma, Gargouri, Yassine, Hunt, Megan and Harnad, Stevan (2015) 
>Open Access Policy: Numbers, Analysis, Effectiveness. Pasteur4OA Work 
>Package 3 report: Open Access policies 
>The PASTEUR4OA project analyses what makes an Open Access (OA) policy 
>effective. The total number of institutional or funder OA policies 
>worldwide is now 663 (March 2015), over half of them mandatory. ROARMAP, 
>the policy registry, has been rebuilt to record more policy detail and 
>provide more extensive search functionality. Deposit rates were measured 
>for articles in institutions' repositories and compared to the total 
>number of WoS-indexed articles published from those institutions. Average 
>deposit rate was over four times as high for institutions with a mandatory 
>policy. Six positive correlations were found between deposit rates and (1) 
>Must-Deposit; (2) Cannot-Waive-Deposit; (3) 
>Deposit-Linked-to-Research-Evaluation; (4) Cannot-Waive-Rights-Retention; 
>Â (5) Must-Make-Deposit-OA (after allowable embargo) and (6) Can-Waive-OA. 
>For deposit latency, there is a positive correlation between earlier 
>deposit and (7) Must-Deposit-Immediately as well as with (4) 
>Cannot-Waive-Rights-Retention and with mandate age. There are not yet 
>enough OA policies to test whether still further policy conditions would 
>contribute to mandate effectiveness but the present findings already 
>suggest that it would be useful for current and future OA policies to 
>adopt the seven positive conditions so as to accelerate and maximise the 
>growth of OA.
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