IEEE Recommendations on Bibliometric Indicators

Stephen J Bensman notsjb at LSU.EDU
Wed Sep 3 09:34:44 EDT 2014

Don Kraft, former JASIST editor and computer scientist, sent me the URL below for the new  IEEE standards for the proper use of bibliometric indicators for evaluative purposes.  Given the recent discussions on this SIGMETRICs, I thought that these standards may be of interest to this listserv.

The standards are entitled:

Appropriate Use of Bibliometric Indicators for the Assessment of Journals, Research Proposals, and Individuals

(Adopted by the IEEE Board of Directors 9 September 2013)

The key point is summarized here:

"....A common conclusion is the recognition of the need to use multiple indicators as well of the importance of peer review in the assessment of research quality, which resulted in the recommendation that bibliometric performance indicators should be applied only as a collective group (and not individually), and in conjunction with peer review following a clearly stated  code of conduct."

You will note that you should use these things only in conjunction with peer ratings, and this is from engineers.


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