Webinar: Analytical Methods for Technology Forecasting (UNCLASSIFIED)

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Keynote from Library of Congress "Analytical Methods for Technology

On 27 May, you're invited to join us in a webinar with Dr. Brian Beachkofski
who will record his presentation given previously at the Library of
Following Dr. Beachkofski's remarks, hear a recap and learn about activities
that followed the event.

Dr. Beachkofski's responsibilities include coordination of intelligence
support to research and engineering efforts and identification of emerging
and disruptive technologies.  Additionally he performs strategy development
for countering emerging Anti-Access and Area Denial technologies and
developing the $1B annual Research, Development, and Acquisition Task Force
input to the President's Budget.

When: Tuesday, 27 May from 0900-1000
Defense Connect Online: https://connectcol.dco.dod.mil/r5n4efxuc89/ 
(Audio via your computer speakers, headphones, or telephone (301-394-6900
and PIN #4593) 

The recording of this event will be made available for those unable to join
during that time period. 


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Classification: UNCLASSIFIED
Caveats: NONE

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