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I'm not familiar with a 3% estimate of growth. The 5% (or exponential doubling every 15 years) rate has a long history beginning with Derek de Solla Price, Science Since Babylon. In the 1990s, I edited a series of 28 articles reflecting the growth of bibliographic database records for Publishing Research Quarterly. You will find it issued as a book titled Electronic Databases and Publishing (Transaction, 1998). I also summarized the literature in an article, "Diversity and the Growth of Serious / Scholarly / Scientific Journals," in Scholarly Publishing, ed. by R E Abel and L W Newlin (Wiley, 2002)

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I have a recollection of reading an article recently which estimated that the growth in the number of articles to be greater than the previously estimated 3% annually. (I remember something in the region of c.5% annually over the past two decades?).

I cannot find the article - does anyone in the group know of this and can you tell me?
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