ICKM2014 Preliminary Program is available (November, 24-26, 2014, Antalya, Turkey)

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Dear Colleagues:

The preliminary program <http://ickm2014.bilgiyonetimi.net/program/> of the
10th International Conference on Knowledge Management (ICKM2014) is now
available.  The early bird registration is open till July 31st, 2014 along
with regular (till November 3rd, 2014) and on-site registration.  To
register, please visit http://viyatour.com/ickm2014/

This year ICKM2014 (http://ickm2014.bilgiyonetimi.net) is taking place at
the Miracle Hotel in Antalya, Turkey, from November 24-26, 2014 and is
jointly organized with IMCW2014, the 5th International Symposium on
Information Management in a Changing World.  When you register for
ICKM2014, you will be able to attend IMCW sessions and vice versa (IMCW2014
preliminary program is also available at:

ICKM2014 is organized by the Department of Information Management of
Hacettepe University in cooperation with the University of North Texas.
The main theme of the ICKM2014 this year is "*Innovation, Knowledge
Discovery and Technology Management*".

The keynote speaker is Prof. *Michael Kristiansson* of the Royal School of
Library and Information Science, University of Copenhagen (Denmark) along
with three outstanding invited speakers, Prof. *Gobinda Chowdhury* of
Northumbria University (UK), Prof.* Aykut Arıkan* of Yeditepe University
(Turkey) and Prof. *Tunç Medeni* of Yıldırım Beyazıt University (Turkey).
(For the abstracts of keynote and invited speeches, see
http://ickm2014.bilgiyonetimi.net/ under "Speeches".)

In addition, the program includes contributed papers and workshops along
with two panel discussions, one on a knowledge mapping project (BIHAP) and
the other on "ISchools and the Globalization of LIS Education" featuring
Prof. *Michael Seadle*, current Chair of the ISchools Caucus (Humboldt
University) and the Deans and Directors of the ISchools Prof. *Herman
Tottorn *(University of North Texas), Prof. *Gobinda Chowdhury*
(Northumbria University), and Prof. *Claire McInerney* (Rutgers

Looking forward to meeting you in November in Antalya, Turkey.

*Yasar Tonta & Suliman Hawamdeh*

*General Co-chairs, ICKM2014*
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