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Congratulations to Stevan Harnad on this 20th anniversary. Gene Garfield

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Twenty years ago, on June 27th 1994, cognitive scientist Stevan Harnad posted a message on a mailing list, a message he headed "A Subversive Proposal". This called on all researchers to make copies of the papers they published in scholarly journals freely available on the Internet.
The message sparked a protracted discussion, and eventually led to the publication of a book called "Scholarly Journals at the Crossroads: A Subversive Proposal for Electronic Publishing".
Today the Subversive Proposal is viewed as one of the seminal texts of the open access movement.
Last Friday, to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Subversive Proposal, I emailed Harnad nine questions. I have published these questions, with Harnad's answers attached, on my blog. In his answers Harnad proposes an updated Subversive Proposal for 2014.
The Q&A can be read here:


added by SH:

And, for paleontologists, the 1994 Subversive Proposal at 15, 10 & 5:


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