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Sylvan Katz j.s.katz at SUSSEX.AC.UK
Thu Aug 28 07:32:38 EDT 2014

Just a reminder that there was a workshop on "Bibliometric Standards" 
held in River Forest, 11 July, 1995, has been organized by the Research 
Association for Science Communication and Information as a satellite 
event to the 5th International Conference on Scientometrics and 
Informetrics. About 60 bibliometricians from five continents attended 
the workshop which focussed on the need for the development of both 
conceptual and technical standards in bibliometric research and technology.

Some of the presentations were printed in Scientometrics with a preface 
Glänzel, W., Katz, S., Moed, H.,  Schoepflin, U. (1996). "Preface." 
Scientometrics 35(2): 165-166.

And my paper

Katz, J. S. (1996). "Bibliometric standards: Personal experience and 
lessons learned." Scientometrics V35(2): 193-197

"Bibliometric standards are essential for comparative research. However, 
these standards can not be set by committee but must evolve through an 
on-going debate. Perhaps, the Scientometric community needs a refereed 
forum more dedicated to methodological issues than policy matters in 
which the standards debate can proceed in a focused and professional 

Sylvan Katz
Visiting Research Fellow

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