The Science "Sting" and Pre-Green Fee-Based Fool's Gold vs. Post-Green No-Fault Fair-Gold

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*SH:* The natural way to charge for the service of peer review then will be
> on a  "no-fault basis," with the author's institution or funder paying for
> each round of refereeing, *regardless of outcome (acceptance,
> revision/re-refereeing, or rejection)*. This will minimize cost
> while protecting against inflated acceptance rates and decline in
> quality standards."

> *CPG:* The cost of refereeing would be more than nothing, and many
> journals do not pay referees.

I didn't say it would be nothing; I said it would be minimal (compared to
subscription revenues, per article: $1000-5000+). I also did not say
referees would be or should be paid: it is the management of the refereeing
process (picking referees and adjudicating referee reports and revisions)
that I estimated would cost about $200 per round of no-fault refereeing.

Many thanks for the references to the non-OA stings, below.

Stevan Harnad

> More stings of refereeing of non-open-access journals:
> Seidl, C., & Schmidt, U., & Grösche, P. (2005). The performance of peer
> review and a beauty contest of referee processes of economics journals.
> Estudios de Economía Aplicada, 23(3): 505-551,
> HTTP://DialNet.UniRioja.Es/**descarga/articulo/1394347.pdf<HTTP://DialNet.UniRioja.Es/descarga/articulo/1394347.pdf>
> de Gloucester, P. C. (2013). Referees Often Miss Obvious Errors in
> Computer and Electronic Publications. Accountability in Research:
> Policies and Quality Assurance, 20(3), 143-166.
> Also see:
> Labbé, C., & Labbé, D. (2013). Duplicate and fake publications in the
> scientific literature: How many SCIgen papers in computer science?
> Scientometrics, 94(1): 379-396.
> Newton, D. P. (2010). Quality and Peer Review of Research: An
> Adjudicating Role for Editors. Accountability in Research: Policies
> and Quality Assurance, 17(3), 130-145, this is available as open
> access:
> Regards,
> Paul Colin de Gloucester
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