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Dear Colleagues

I am writing in my capacity as co-editor of Regulation & Governance.

I'd like to update you that we have recently published a paper that might
be of interest for you: Public policy’s bibliography: The use of research
in US regulatory impact
by Bruce A. Desmarais and John A. Hird.

The link <> to this
paper will be available for the next three weeks.

If you are interested in receiving other papers from the journal, or
joining the regulation and governance email list, please ask our assistant
Mr. Hanan Haber at hannann at

This paper is published early online. You can see the contents of our
latest issue as well as other forthcoming papers on our

 The regulation & Governance group hold its biennial
conference<>this June in Barcelona. See
details and deadlines here.  A network of
regulation and governance group is also active in
hold its meeting coming July  in Chicago.

The best way to get the info is by signing to our listserve. See more here: Mr. Haber can help you with this as well.


David Levi-Faur
Editor, Regulation & Governance
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