A Question!

Xing Hou xinghou555 at GMAIL.COM
Tue May 28 11:33:17 EDT 2013

Dear All,
I am doing my term paper, and I need extract data from WOS for. I want
to extract those authors that publish article by affiliation of the
Korea University. So, retrieved the results (article that published by
affiliation of the University) and put them in HistCite. But, there
was big problem. When I download the Data, All authors of the articles
(I mean the co-author) will be downloaded; so, when I get output from
HistCite, authors with the same name (for example Xang, Asu & Xang,
Armusy under the same name of Xang, A.) will be merged and my analysis
will be failed. I really in trouble with this problem and I couldn't
my thesis because of. Could you help me, please. I need your help

Best Wishes,
Xing Hou

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