Scimago Institutions Ranking: Ibero-America 2013 (2007-2011)

Isidro F. Aguillo isidro.aguillo at CCHS.CSIC.ES
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Dear colleagues,

The fifth edition of the Ibero-American Scimago Institutions Ranking 
(Iber-SIR) has been published at the end of March 2013 
( The first of a series of regional SIRs 
scheduled for 2013, the Iber-SIR is expanding both the institutional 
coverage and the range of indicators it has provided in previous 
editions. Regarding the coverage, near 300 new universities (a 16% 
increase) have been added, so the total number is over 1600 mostly due 
to a higher commitment of the institutions of the region with the 
publication of their research results in international journals. The 
ranking, based on the prestigious Scopus/Elsevier bibliographic 
database, intends to be a research evaluation tool, not only useful for 
individual organizations but also for complete national systems. In that 
sense, a full set of indicators are supplied, including not only the 
current values, but a useful and easy to understand graphical system 
based on colored arrows showing inter-year evolution.

As in previous editions the order of the universities is given by their 
total number of publications, providing the pdf file also ranks for the 
Ibero-American (Latin-America plus Spain and Portugal), Latin American 
regions and for the individual countries. Additional variables include 
the percentage of the International Collaboration, the ratio of 
publications in the first quartile (High quality publications), and a 
Specialization Index (0-1, generalist vs. specialized) based on the Gini 
coefficient. More sophisticated indicators are the Normalized Impact 
that uses Karolinska Intitutet methodology for combining normalized 
citations from different fields (where the world mean is equal to 1); 
the Excellence Rate, the amount of papers into the 10% most cited papers 
in different scientific fields; the Scientific Leadership, that counts 
papers where the corresponding author belongs to the institution; and a 
combination of the last two, Excellence with Leadership. A full 
bibliography is appended in the website supporting and describing in 
depth the methodology.

There are changes in the design of the website, including a few 
substantive ones. The previous year's files are updated with corrected 
figures and recalculated indicators, including the new ones. Apart from 
the Iber-SIR file there are national pdfs for the following countries: 
Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominican 
Republic, Ecuador, Mexico, Nicaragua, Peru, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Spain 
and Venezuela.


Isidro F. Aguillo, HonDr.
The Cybermetrics Lab, CSIC
Grupo Scimago
Madrid. SPAIN

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