AW: Possible change in WOS-data around 2004?

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In an article by P.O.Larsen and M. von Ins ( ) there is a table showing quantitative changes in journal coverage for SCIE and SSCI from 1997 to 2009  (Table 7). According to these numbers, there were no dramatic changes around 2004, but certainly between 2008/2009. This also reflects our own observations.

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Betreff: [SIGMETRICS] AW: Possible change in WOS-data around 2004?

I believe it was Diana Hicks who, in a recent Berlin symposium, described this pervasive effect. Her interpretation, if I remember correctly, was, that Scopus entered the market around in 2004, and WoS was apparently responding to this new rival by adapting its coverage.

She said she was working on a paper that would contain this information, but I do not know if that paper has come out yet.

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-- Andreas Strotmann

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Betreff: [SIGMETRICS] Possible change in WOS-data around 2004?

Dear all
In some of our various bibliometric studies at Karolinska Institutet, based solely on WoS-data, there seems to be a change in different trends originating around 2004 . We think that there may be some data policy change or some addition to WoS, but we cannot find it in any documentation.

Do you know of anything that has affected the contents of WoS  specifically around 2004-2005?
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