OA 2013: Tilting at the Tipping Point

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Sat Jul 20 13:39:01 EDT 2013

*OA 2013: Tilting at the Tipping

*Summary:* The findings of Eric Archambault’s (2013) pilot study “The
Tipping Point - Open Access Comes of
on the percentage of OA that is currently available are very timely,
welcome and promising. The study finds that the percentage of articles
published in 2008 that are OA in 2013 is between 42-48%. It does not
estimate, however, *when in that 5-year interval the articles were made OA*.
Hence the study cannot indicate what percentage of articles being published
in 2013 is being made OA in 2013. Nor can it indicate what percentage of
articles published before 2013 is OA in 2013. The only way to find that out
is through a separate analysis of immediate Gold OA, delayed Gold OA,
immediate Green OA, and delayed Green OA, by discipline.

See: http://openaccess.eprints.org/index.php?/archives/1022-OA-2013-.html
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