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Dear colleagues,

Is it possible to measure the impact of science on the society? What are
the disadvantages of the increasingly sophisticated ranking and
scoreboards? And what are the effects of the current evaluation culture on
knowledge production? These are some examples of questions that are central
in the new research program of the Centre for Science and Technology
Studies (CWTS).

*Responding to a need***

There is growing need among managers of universities and research
institutes to use performance measurement tools. CWTS reacts to this need
with the introduction of its new research program *Merit, Expertise and
Measurement*. CWTS is a recognized leader in the field of scientometrics;
the systematic measurement of research quality. Currently, CWTS is
exploring new venues. CWTS also aims to expand the theoretical foundation
for developing indicators.**

*Five new working groups***

The research as described in the working programme is conducted by five new
working groups, each led by a senior researcher.

·       Advanced bibliometric methodology (Ludo Waltman PhD)

·       The practice of evaluating research in context (Sarah de Rijcke PhD)

·       Bibliometric indicators for humanities and social sciences (Thed
van Leeuwen PhD)

·       Societal impact of research (Ingeborg Meijer PhD)

·       Career policy and career paths in science (Inge van der Weijden PhD)

These five working groups work closely together with the already existing
research chairs in the CWTS. The chairs are: Scientometrics (prof. dr. Paul
Wouters), Science and Innovation Studies (prof. dr. Robert Tijssen) and
Science Policy Studies (prof. dr. Cornelis van Bochove).

*More information*

More information about the Centre for Science and Technology Studies CWTS
and its new research programme is in the extended press
the complete CWTS research programme 2012-2017: Merit, Expertise and
Measurement <>

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