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      The Royal School of Library and Information Science, Copenhagen

___Deadline for applications: March 1, 2012___

The Royal School of Library and Information Science, Denmark, and ACUMEN
are pleased to announce that a PhD scholarship will be available from
June 1, 2012, or as soon as possible thereafter.

Applications are invited for the three-year scholarship from candidates
that hold or expect to hold a Master´s degree in a field relevant to the
field of bibliometrics and research evaluation.

The PhD position is part of a collaborative European FP7 research project
on assessing research performance of individual researchers, Academic
Careers Understood through Measurement and Norms
(ACUMEN []).

The Royal School of Library and Information Science (RSLIS; in Danish:
Det Informationsvidenskabelige Akademi, []) contributes
to this project with research relating to the use of quantitative
indicators, and the successful applicant will contribute to this research.
The main objective of the PhD project is to investigate to what extent
bibliometric indicators can be used in the evaluation of individual
researchers. Most bibliometric indicators are meant for use on higher
levels of aggregation, e.g. at the country, research field or institution
level, and unwanted effects may occur especially when they are applied at
the individual level. The PhD project should analyse the wide range of
existing indicators such as productivity, citation impact, and composite
indicators such as field normalised indicators, as well as new
bibliometric indicators such as the h-index, the g-index and indicators
based on network analysis etc. The aim is to understand and call into
question the use of bibliometric indicators and to outline the strengths
and weaknesses of each indicator for the evaluation of individuals. On
the basis of this, the PhD project should propose a suite of indicators
for the assessments of individual researchers - both the most suited of
the existing as well as novel indicators. These must be tested on the
data set provided by the ACUMEN project. The project will have a
mathematical theoretical as well as an empirical part. Data sets for the
empirical part will in part be provided by partners in the ACUMEN project.

Place of work: Copenhagen, Denmark
For further information on the ACUMEN research project, please contact
Associate Professor, Mr. Birger Larsen (blar @, and for further
information on PhD scholarships at RSLIS, please contact Dean of
Research, Mr. Hans Dam Christensen (hdc @

A PhD position is a three-year, fixed-term position involving research
and training, and it is to be completed in accordance with the Danish
Ministerial order on the PhD programme at the universities (PhD order)
from the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Higher Education. For
further information about the PhD programme at RSLIS, see:

The ideal candidate holds or expects to hold a Master´s degree or
equivalent in a field relevant to bibliometrics and research evaluation.
Mathematical skills and fluency in English are required.

1. Letter stating the interest and qualifications for the project
   (max. one page).
2. Preliminary project description with theoretical and methodological
   reflections as well as outline of present state of art of research and
   including a tentative research plan (up to five pages).
3. Full CV.
4. Bachelor and Master's degree diploma (including grade transcripts for
   bachelor´s and master´s degrees) and any other documentation.
5. List of publications (if any).
6. References.
7. Applicants with a Master´s degree from abroad should also enclose a
   short description of the grading scale used.

* Applications, marked "PhD position in Bibliometrics", must be sent
  to 'job@'. *** Deadline is March 1, 2012 ***
* Applicants will, together with a confirmation of the received
  application, be notified of the composition of the assessment committee.
* Applicants must provide supplementary documentation, if requested
  by the committee.
* Applicants will individually be informed of his/her assessment.
* Potential candidates may be invited to an interview by a
  recruitment committee.

* Capacity to undertake stringent research of high quality within the
  three-year period.
* Scientific concern, creativity and supplementary qualification which
  are considered essential for undertaking a PhD project.
* Already implemented projects, published works of relevance for the PhD
  position, carried out during or after the master study.
* Documented fluency in English.
* Documented mathematical skills.

Salary will be according to the agreement between the Ministry of
Finance and The Danish Confedaration of Professional Associations, AC.
Start level salary depends on pre-employment seniority, but will at least
amounts to DKK 285.240,00 annually. Pension contribution is added
according to agreement for PhD students, as well an annual addition which
at presents amounts to DKK 14.934,97 annually.

The PhD student has an obligation to undertake agreed relevant work
(including teaching) which totally amounts to 840 work hours during the
three years of employment.

RSLIS is a university institution for development, education and research
at the highest scientific level in the field of Information Science. The
educational programmes rank from undergraduate to PhD studies. The
school's graduates are much appreciated and their capacity for fulfilling
vital functions within the emerging knowledge society is increasingly

RSLIS is located in Copenhagen and Aalborg (the Northern part of Jutland).
The total number of students enrolled is app. 800.
RSLIS is a member of iSchool Caucus and is currently working close
together with Institut für Bibliotheks- und Informationswissenschaft,
Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, in order to establish a Euro iSchool

As an equal opportunity employer, RSLIS invites applications from all
interested candidates regardless of gender, age, ethnic origin or religion.

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