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Dear Colleagues,


You will be glad to know that a new journal *Journal of Scientometric
Research *( has been launched. This journal comes from
SciBiolMed. Org.which has around 20 journals with 16 journals in Scopus and
1 in SCI. From the second issue onwards, it will be published with MedKnow
which has merged with Kluver Health. The objective of this journal is to
provide a platform for scholarship in Scientometrics and also act as an
exchange between Scientometrics and other closely connected research
domains i.e. Science Technology Studies, Innovation studies etc.  To
attract scholars from interdisciplinary research traditions and also
keeping in view that scholars within Scientometrics are themselves from
heterogeneous disciplinary traditions, we have created different categories
for contributions. Along with Research Paper and Review Paper, the journal
has Perspective, and Commentary, Webliography and Research-in-Progress
paper for providing platform to young promising researchers or scholars
announcing important work in progress.
*Table Contents from Current Issue*
Volume 1, Issue 1, Sep-Dec, 2012
Current Issue:

    *Editorial*/ by S Bhattacharya
    1(1), pp. 01-02, DOI: 10.5530/jscires.2012.1.1

    *Introduction to Editorial Board Members*/ by S Bhattacharya
    1(1), pp. 03-06, DOI: 10.5530/jscires.2012.1.2
    *Journal of Scientometric Research: Affiliation and support system*/ by
M Ahmed
    1(1), pp. 07-08, DOI: 10.5530/jscires.2012.1.3
    *Issue Highlights*/ by S Bhattacharya
    1(1), pp. 09-10, DOI: 10.5530/jscires.2012.1.4

Review Article
 *   Text mining for science and technology – a review part I –
characterization/ scientometrics* / by R Kostoff
    1(1), pp. 11-21, DOI: 10.5530/jscires.2012.1.5

Research Article
    *Basic independence axioms for the publication-citation system*/ by R
Rousseau, F Ye
    1(1), pp. 22-27, DOI: 10.5530/jscires.2012.1.6
    *Edited volumes, monographs and book chapters in the Book Citation
Index (BKCI) and Science Citation Index (SCI, SoSCI, A&HCI)*/ by L
Leydesdorff, U Felt
    1(1), pp. 28-34, DOI: 10.5530/jscires.2012.1.7
    *Reality-check: Cost-related journal assessment from a practical point
of view*/ by C Gumpenberger, A Wernisch, J Gorraiz
    1(1), pp. 35-43, DOI: 10.5530/jscires.2012.1.8
   * Brazilian growth in the mainstream science: The role of human
resources and national journals*/ by J Leta
    1(1), pp. 44-52, DOI: 10.5530/jscires.2012.1.9
    *The world of science according to performance indicators based on
percentile ranking normalization*/ by G Prathap, L Leydesdorff
    1(1), pp. 53-59, DOI: 10.5530/jscires.2012.1.10
   * Measles: A quantitative analysis of world publications during 2001–2010
*/ by A Bala, BM Gupta
    1(1), pp. 60-70, DOI: 10.5530/jscires.2012.1.11
    *Biomedical research coverage in English-language Indian newspapers*/
by B Dutt, KC Garg
    1(1), pp. 71-78, DOI: 10.5530/jscires.2012.1.12

Research Notes
    *Indicators for websites: Particular reference to geriatric sites/* by
D Srivastava, R Bahadur
    1(1), pp. 79-85, DOI: 10.5530/jscires.2012.1.13

    *Webliography of STI indicator databases and related publications*/ by
AK Das, P Arora, S Bhattacharya
    1(1), pp. 86-93, DOI: 10.5530/jscires.2012.1.14

Journal URL :
Current Issue :

Please send your comments, suggestions, and paper contributions to
editor at

With Warm Regards

Sujit Bhattacharya (Editor-in-Chief)
Anup Kumar Das (Assistant Editor)

*Dr. Sujit Bhattacharya*, Ph.D
Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Scientometric Research
[An Official Publication of SciBiolMed.Org]
Senior Principal Scientist (NISTADS)
& Guest Faculty (JNU)
Dr. K.S. Krishnan Marg, Pusa Campus,
New Delhi-110012, INDIA
Landline: +91-11-25843024
Mobile: +91-9999020157
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