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Quoting Fabio Gouveia:

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> Dear Isidro Aguillo,
> From what you said about the domains from open access in France I would
> suggest that in future editions these pages are included in the total
> amount of webpages and if possible in backlink counts.

Dear Fabio,

I am very glad to meet (virtually) you after our previous interesting meeting in Rio.

There is a serious misunderstanding here as this is not a problem of the ranking (that of course it is not important at all) but of the university policies. Think about what are the most important tangibles resources of a university and perhaps in the top of the list should be the (formal) scientific output: papers, thesis or reports. Then consider to transfer this university "treasure" to a third party that even is not using your webdomain. For example, the repository of your organization has these addresses:


If you were the rector, do you accept that?

>In Brazil we have a
> website of open access content (domínio público) where one can find thesis
> from several Brazilian universities, but they are not segmented.

I can understand this because of technical or funding reasons, but why universities will give up their "rights" if they are able to exploit this resource.

This means
> that it is not feasible to add this content in the Brazilian case but,
> although cumbersome, this is possible for the French case and would reflect
> better what this ranking intent to do.

I am very proud of my "alma mater", not because of its rank, but due to its policies, specially regarding open access initiatives and a huge repository. 

Best regards,

> All the best
> Fábio Gouveia
> Fundação Oswaldo Cruz - Brazil.
> 2012/8/31 Isidro F. Aguillo <isidro.aguillo at cchs.csic.es>
>> Adminstrative info for SIGMETRICS (for example unsubscribe):
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>> El 31/08/2012 10:31, Clement Levallois escribió:
>> Adminstrative info for SIGMETRICS (for example unsubscribe):
>> http://web.utk.edu/~gwhitney/sigmetrics.html
>> Interesting!
>>  In the ranking for Europe, not a single French university in the 100
>> first? Wow.
>>  (see here: http://www.webometrics.**info/en/Ranking_Europe/**
>> European_Union<http://www.webometrics.info/en/Ranking_Europe/European_Union>
>> )
>>  Best,
>>  Clement
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>>  Clement Levallois, PhD
>> Erasmus University Rotterdam
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>> Dear all:
>> You can check the Excellence indicator (papers in the 10% top cited) that
>> Paris 6 is 28th and Paris XI is 98th so the reasons for the delayed ranks
>> are related to the web presence. Language is an important issue as
>> English-speaking countries are clearly over-represented but it is not the
>> only reason. Perhaps interesting to this list is that the commitment to
>> open access is limited. You can check the performance of the French
>> university repositories here:
>> http://repositories.webometrics.info/en/Europe/France
>> It is very surprising that in some cases they have surrendered their own
>> web domains in their "institutional" repositories. A few examples:
>> École Polytechnique    http://hal-polytechnique.archives-ouvertes.fr/
>> Université Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne
>> http://hal-paris1.archives-ouvertes.fr/
>> École Mines ParisTech    http://hal-ensmp.archives-ouvertes.fr/
>> Université de Nice Sophia Antipolis
>> http://hal-unice.archives-ouvertes.fr/
>> Of course this practice is penalizing their position in the Ranking.
>> Best,
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