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Fri Aug 31 13:30:11 EDT 2012

Dear Isidro Aguillo,

>From what you said about the domains from open access in France I would
suggest that in future editions these pages are included in the total
amount of webpages and if possible in backlink counts. In Brazil we have a
website of open access content (domínio público) where one can find thesis
from several Brazilian universities, but they are not segmented. This means
that it is not feasible to add this content in the Brazilian case but,
although cumbersome, this is possible for the French case and would reflect
better what this ranking intent to do.

All the best

Fábio Gouveia
Fundação Oswaldo Cruz - Brazil.

2012/8/31 Isidro F. Aguillo <isidro.aguillo at cchs.csic.es>

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> El 31/08/2012 10:31, Clement Levallois escribió:
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> Interesting!
>  In the ranking for Europe, not a single French university in the 100
> first? Wow.
>  (see here: http://www.webometrics.**info/en/Ranking_Europe/**
> European_Union<http://www.webometrics.info/en/Ranking_Europe/European_Union>
> )
>  Best,
>  Clement
>  ------------------------------**--------------
>  Clement Levallois, PhD
> Erasmus University Rotterdam
> The Netherlands
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>  / personal website <http://www.clementlevallois.net/>
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> Dear all:
> You can check the Excellence indicator (papers in the 10% top cited) that
> Paris 6 is 28th and Paris XI is 98th so the reasons for the delayed ranks
> are related to the web presence. Language is an important issue as
> English-speaking countries are clearly over-represented but it is not the
> only reason. Perhaps interesting to this list is that the commitment to
> open access is limited. You can check the performance of the French
> university repositories here:
> http://repositories.webometrics.info/en/Europe/France
> It is very surprising that in some cases they have surrendered their own
> web domains in their "institutional" repositories. A few examples:
> École Polytechnique    http://hal-polytechnique.archives-ouvertes.fr/
> Université Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne
> http://hal-paris1.archives-ouvertes.fr/
> École Mines ParisTech    http://hal-ensmp.archives-ouvertes.fr/
> Université de Nice Sophia Antipolis
> http://hal-unice.archives-ouvertes.fr/
> Of course this practice is penalizing their position in the Ranking.
> Best,
> --
> ****************************
> Isidro F. Aguillo, HonDr.
> The Cybermetrics Lab, CSIC
> Madrid. SPAIN
> isidro.aguillo at cchs.csic.es
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