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The fourth edition of the Scimago Institutions Ranking has been published. SIR World Reports 2012 is the most comprehensive ranking of Worldwide Research Institutions. Following the goal of embracing every institution around the world with meaningful scientific output, the ranking now includes 3,290 institutions that together are responsible for more than 80% of worldwide scientific output during the term 2006-10 as indexed in Elsevier's Scopus database. 

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The report shows raw values for six relevant and useful indicators that will help users to evaluate the scientific impact, thematic specialization, output size and international collaboration networks of the institutions. New indicators are the Specialization Index, which indicates the specialization profile of institutions, the Excellence Rate or the ability of institutions to produce best-quality papers among their output and the Leadership to represent the institution’s ratio of corresponding authors in scientific papers. Additionally for each indicator there is information about variation (percentage) from the previous edition. 

The report encompasses Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) as well as other research-focused organizations from different sizes, with different missions and from countries in the five continents. Institutions are grouped into five Institutional Sectors: Higher Education, Health System, Government Agencies, Corporations and Others. 

SIR World Report 2012 IS NOT A LEAGUE TABLE. The ranking parameter – the scientific output of institutions-- should be understood as a default rank, not as a final ranking proposal. But users are free to organize the high quality data provided for building, under their own responsibility and citing the source of data, customized rankings or reports as they wish. 

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