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Thank you very much for this.  I did not know about it.  I will read your analysis with great interest and have forwarded it to my collaborators on the Google Scholar research we are doing.  The list is already interesting for it shows from where Google Scholar is drawing its links, and we see the importance of arXiv, something I have already noticed in my research on the chemistry Nobelists.  The list has important differences from the JCR rankings.  In respect to the Hobbesian struggle to which I initially referred, I guess the French would say that maintenant c'est la guerre a outrance.


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Following the discussion about the reliability of Google Scholar as a source for scientific evaluation, we would like to raise your attention about Google's new product: Google Scholar Metrics. It was launched just some days ago and it aims at ranking journals according to their h-index.

Our research group has performed a preliminary analysis of this product, pointing out their weaknesses but also warning about the potential utility of Scholar Metrics for assesing journals, and therefore, positioning itself as a serious competitor for the well-known bibliometric databases.

Cabezas-Clavijo, Á., & Delgado-López-Cózar, E. Scholar Metrics: the impact of journals according to Google, just an amusement or a valid scientific tool?, 2012. [Preprint].


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