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Clement Levallois clement_levallois at YAHOO.FR
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Of interest to members of this list: the newest version of Gephi is 
released! *Reproduced below is the official announcement.*

(Gephi is a free and open source software for the visual exploration of 
networks / linked data: www.gephi.org)


PS: sorry for any cross-posting.

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The 0.8 beta <http://gephi.org/2011/gephi-0-8-beta-released/> version of 
Gephi has just been released and is available for Windows, Max OS X and 

This release focus on new features for both users and developers, with 
exciting new plug-ins possibilities. Our long-term focus hasn't changed: 
performance, usability and modularity and we will continue to deliver 
new features to the platform. As we are thinking about the 0.9 roadmap, 
please join the discussion on the forum <http://forum.gephi.org> and 
tell us what you would like to have improved.

*Features highlight 0.8 beta*

* Dynamic Ranking: Ranking now has an 'auto-apply' feature. It's no 
longer needed to click on 'Apply' to update Ranking, it's done 
automatically! Very useful for dynamic networks (i.e. longitudinal 

* PNG Export: Create high-resolution network images with all the 
customization available in Preview. You can even create transparent 
background images!

* New Preview: Completely rewrite of the Preview bringing plug-ins 
extensibility and much awaited features. You can now set edge/node 
opacity or add text outline. The latter dramatically improves label 

* Dynamic Metrics: Analyze network properties over time with the new 
dynamic statistics, including Dynamic Degree, Dynamic Node Count, 
Dynamic Edge Count and Dynamic Clustering Coefficient.

* ForceAtlas2 layout algorithm: Mathieu Jacomy, our layout algorithm 
rock-star took the best of the ForceAtlas algorithm and made it scale to 
much larger networks. It's fast, tunable and profits from multi-core 

* Data Laboratory Node Merge: Select multiple nodes, right click and 
select 'Merge nodes' to merge several nodes into one. You can customize 
how the row data are merged (e.g average, max, set null).

* Three new filters: K-core, inter and intra partition. Inter/Intra 
partition filters can be used to highlight links between different 
communities or the contrary.

* SQLite support: The database importer now supports SQLite.

* Time interval support: The database importer can now use 'start' and 
'end' columns to import longitudinal networks.

* New localizations: Go to Tools > Languages to change to the new 
Japanese or Portuguese (Brazilian) locales.

* Complete list here: http://wiki.gephi.org/index.php/Gephi_Releases


Thanks to the community for reporting bugs! Consult the 45+ list of bug 
fixed in this release on the release notes 

*New License*

Gephi is now released in the dual license CDDL + GNU GPLv3. We abandon 
the GNU AGPL to offer new opportunities to reuse and integrate parts of 
Gephi in a full Open Source way. The dual license system means the 
possibility to choose to apply either the CDDL or the GNU GPLv3 when 
Gephi source code is integrated to a derivative work. When modified, 
original files of Gephi should always be published publicly so that the 
community benefit from the improvements. However, the CDDL license does 
not require to publish the whole work, so you can build commercial 
applications for free using Gephi source code!
The CDDL is a license created by Sun and approved by the Open Source 
Initiative. It is business-friendly. Read the Legal FAQs 
<http://gephi.org/about/legal/faq/> to learn more, and ask questions on 
the forum.


Checkout the latest plug-ins <http://gephi.org/plugins/> released by the 
community! As usual after a major release, we are reviewing all plug-ins 
in the next cuple of days for 0.8 compatibility. Your favorite plug-ins 
will reappear soon in the Gephi Plugins Center.

Plug-ins developers may be interested to read the changes done in the 
Gephi APIs since last release <http://gephi.org/docs/api/>. As Ranking 
and Preview have been entirely rewritten it opens new exciting plug-ins 
capabilities. Checkout how to write new preview renderers 
<http://wiki.gephi.org/index.php/HowTo_write_a_preview_renderer> or 
extend data laboratory 
Visit the Plugins Portal for more information 

We are strongly supporting plug-ins development. Don't hesitate to ask 
for help on the Plugins mailing list 
<http://gephi.org/mailman/listinfo/gephi-plugins> or on the forum.


We are updating the Gephi Toolkit <http://gephi.org/toolkit> to include 
latest changes and will release a new version very soon. Demos and 
tutorials will be updated as well on the Toolkit Portal 

*Recent links*

- New Features in Gephi 0.8 Beta Teasing

- A New Best Friend: Gephi for Large-scale Networks

- GraphGL, network visualization with WebGL

- Translate Gephi in your language

- New Tutorial: Layouts in Gephi

- Using Gephi with Google Analytics to visualize keywords and landing pages

- Nodus Labs joins the Gephi Consortium

- Datasets

To all who spread the word and join the Gephi community, thank you!

Follow us on Twitter <http://twitter.com/gephi>, Facebook 
<http://www.facebook.com/groups/gephi/> or LinkedIn 
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