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Two post doctoral positions for a joint ESRC-ANR project will be 
available from ~October 2011 for 24 months, one at SPRU (University of 
Sussex, Brighton), and one in Latts (Paris-Est University, Paris-Marne 
La Vallée) for the project "Emergence & institutionalisation of 
epistemic communities in science-based technologies".

This project aims to combine various analytical dimensions to study the 
formation of epistemic communities in emergent technologies: knowledge 
dynamics, normativities (social values, expectations), and 
institutionalisation. As a result, the research involves diverse 
methodological approaches, including:
.    Mapping research dynamics using publications, patents and press data
.    Interviews of key actors on field dynamics, values, expectations
.    Survey techniques for exploring wider communities
This work will be performed through six case studies of emergent 

Competences required:
.    Background in innovation studies or management,  STS, or related 
.    Familiarity with quantitative data manipulation and visualisation 
.    Training in interviewing (plus)
.    Interest in mixing / articulating quantitative and qualitative analyses

Two post doctoral positions :
* one in Brighton (SPRU), one in Paris-Marne La Vallée (LATTS),
* two years with about six months in the partner location
* up to 31 K£/year-32 KEuros/year (before tax) (abour 28KEuros/year for 
first postdoc)

Applications should be sent by April 15th by e-mail including:
*    Extended CV
*    Two recommendation letters
*    One article or conference paper

Submission are to be made to Aurelie Delemarle from LATTS 
(a.delemarle at and Ismael Rafols from SPRU 
(i.rafols at, indicating preference for location (i.e. 
Brighton or Paris). Candidates will be asked to hold interviews in 
early-mid May in Brighton and/or Paris. Results will be announced by the 
end of May.

SPRU (Science and Technology Policy Research, is 
a world-leading department at the University of Sussex where research 
and high-level policy advice are combined with postgraduate teaching in 
science, technology, and innovation policy and management. Its highly 
interdisciplinary faculty addresses the analysis of the rate and 
direction of scientific change and innovation, the promotion and 
management of innovation, the regulation of technological risks, the 
search for effective energy policies and paths to a more sustainable 
society. SPRU researchers are prominent participants in debates 
concerning biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, nuclear power, climate 
change, technology in development and the roles of public and private 
research organisations.

LATTS (a French acronym meaning "research group on technology, 
territories and societies"), which was founded in 1985, is a joint 
research group of the French National Center for Scientific Research 
(CNRS -, the Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées 
(ENPC, a top French engineering institute under the auspices of the 
French Ministry of Public Works - and the 
University of Marne-la-Vallée ( Latts brings 
together a team of approximately thirty researchers (in city planning, 
economics, ergonomics, geography, management, history, political science 
and sociology) mainly originating from these three academic institutions 
and thirty doctoral candidates. Latts members carry out research into 
enterprises, public administration, local institutions, collective 
action, territorial dynamics and the related technical systems. By means 
of field research, comparative investigations and conceptual thought 
processes, this work in the social sciences pursues multidisciplinary 
aims: between disciplines, between theory and empirics and between 
scientific controversy and public debate.

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