Severe Inconsistencies Web of Science V4 / V5

Juan Gorraiz juan.gorraiz at UNIVIE.AC.AT
Wed Jul 20 10:49:53 EDT 2011

Yes, there are severe inconsistencies and not only in citation counts.
Also some bibliographic data (co-authors) have been erased!

There is a "Maintenance Alert" from provider:

We are currently experiencing performance issues with Web of Knowledge 
access, search and navigation. Our technical staff is working to resolve 
the problem as quickly as possible. We apologize for any inconvenience 
and appreciate your patience.

Thus, i recommend continued usage of the previous version still 
available (until end of the year) at the right-hand side under
"Support, Tools, Tips":

[Access the previous version of Web of Knowledge]


Hermann Schier schrieb:
> Adminstrative info for SIGMETRICS (for example unsubscribe): 
> the relaunch of Web of 
> Science this week was not really a smooth transition from
> V4 to V5. Today the system starts to work again but now we encounter
> inconsistencies in citation counts between V4 and V5 which prohibits the use
> Web of Science at the moment.
> I compiled as example a comparison of the the articles in the Hirsch core of
> Manuel Cardona, who is a well known solid state physicist.
> An citation report in both version brings up a stunning difference in 
> Hirsch factor: 99 versus 89
> 	Results found
> 	Sum of the Times Cited
> 	h-index
> WoS V4
> 	1265
> 	46514
> 	99
> WoS V5
> 	1308
> 	46605
> 	89
> Then I compared the the articles one by one and found a lot of highly 
> cited papers are missing in V5,
> please have a look in the attached excel file.
> At the moment I have no clue for this unsettling findings, but most of 
> the articles are from Physical Review series
> where citation linking was always notoriously clumsy.
> Does anybody else encounter similar problems?
> Web of Science is a major resource for our scientists and it is really sad
> that I have strongly advice against usage of Web of Science at the moment.
> Regards
> Hermann
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