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Call for submissions                  & participation - Quantitative Research in                  Information Science 
12-13 April 2012, University                  of Wolverhampton, UK
>Website: http://www.asis.org/Chapters/europe/
>We are very pleased to announce a Doctoral                  Forum, specialising in quantitative research                in Information Science to be held on 12-13                  April 2012 in England at the University of                  Wolverhampton.
>This Doctoral Forum will begin with short introductory                presentations by Prof Mike Thelwall and Dr Jonathan                Levitt on the application of quantitative methods to                Information Science.  However, its main emphasis is on                the students presenting and receiving feedback on their                research and on meeting other doctoral students.                 Doctoral students who are either using, or considering                using, quantitative methods in at least part of their                doctoral research are encouraged to apply.
>The venue, at the University of Wolverhampton, is                located in Wolverhampton City Centre and is very close                to Wolverhampton train station.  Wolverhampton is a                thirty minute train journey from Birmingham                International airport.  The event finishes on Friday                afternoon, enabling participants to see something of                England over the weekend; from Wolverhampton, Wales can                be reached by train in thirty minutes and London can be                reached by train in two hours.
>This event, endorsed by the European Chapter of the                American Society for Information Science and Technology                (ASIST), is the first of two events that the European                Chapter is endorsing, in celebration of the 75th anniversary of ASIST.  The European Chapter is also                endorsing Libraries In The Digital Age (LIDA) to be held                on 18 – 22 June 2012 in Zadar, Croatia.
>This Doctoral Forum is open to all interested parties,                including those who don’t present.  If you wish to                present your research at the Doctoral Forum please                submit:  a description of your research project and how                you are using or are proposing to use quantitative                methods (totalling a maximum of 150 words) and key                related references.  If you wish to attend the event and                not present, please submit a description of your                relevant experiences and reasons for wanting to attend                the conference (totalling a maximum of 150 words).
>Submissions need to be emailed to the Conference                organiser 
>Dr. Jonathan Levitt, j.levitt at lboro.ac.uk) 
>and the Program manager (Prof. Mike Thelwall, m.thelwall at wlv.ac.uk)                by mid-night UK-time on Sunday, February 12, 2012.
>If you have any queries, please email Dr. Levitt (j.levitt at lboro.ac.uk)                and Prof. Thelwall (m.thelwall at wlv.ac.uk).
>The cost of the event is £50 per person, to cover the                cost of four coffee/tea refreshment breaks, two sandwich                lunch breaks and one buffet dinner. 
>Three low price hotels are located within easy walking                distance of the venue, MC building, City Campus,                University of Wolverhampton (http://wiki.worldflicks.org/mc_building.html). 
>LateRooms (http://www.laterooms.com)                and Travelodge (http://www2.travelodge.co.uk)                provide descriptions of nearby hotels and the option of                reserving accommodation.
Website: http://www.asis.org/Chapters/europe/
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