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Bornmann, Lutz Lutz.Bornmann at GV.MPG.DE
Sat Oct 16 14:41:04 EDT 2010

Dear colleague:


You might be interested in two new papers. Recently, Nature News reported on
the first one


1) Bornmann, L. de Moya Anegón, F., & Leydesdorff, L. (2010). Do scientific
advancements lean on the shoulders of giants? A bibliometric investigation of
the Ortega hypothesis. PLoS ONE, 5(10), e13327:


2) Bornmann, L. & Daniel, H.-D. (2010). Do author-suggested reviewers rate
submissions more favorably than editor-suggested reviewers? A study on
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics. PLoS ONE, 5(10): e13345:


Kind regards,


Lutz Bornmann



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