Even before OA Week has begun, response to Mandate Challenge is mounting

Stevan Harnad amsciforum at GMAIL.COM
Sat Oct 16 10:27:44 EDT 2010

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The response to the OA Week OA Mandate Challenge is already quite
remarkable, as you will see from Alma Swan's daily graphs:

In the 6 days since the Challenge was posted (11 October), 7 new
mandate adoptions and proposals have already been registered in

Apart from the time Finland registered its 26 mandates all in one day,
this is already the largest burst of OA mandates since ROARMAP was
launched (in 2003):

The 2010 OA Week OA Mandate Challenge can make a real, substantive,
lasting contribution to accelerating the growth of OA.

Not only will registering already-adopted mandates in ROARMAP help,
but, perhaps even more, registering *proposed* mandates will help
doubly: It will (1) reinforce the local institutional case for
adoption of the proposal and (2) the example of the OA week adoptions
and proposals will inspire many more proposal and adoptions globally.

Adoptions cannot be generated within one open-access week, but
proposals can be!

Please use this week to try to generate a formal proposal at your
institution, register it, and the momentum you start will continue
building and broadening long after OA Week is over:

To register an OA mandate adoption or proposal:

OA Week Mandate Challenge:

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