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THE ECONOMIC RECORD, VOL. 79, NO. 245, JUNE, 2003, 229–244



Economic Research Centre, Department of Economics, The University of Western Australia,

Western Australia, Australia

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Who Cites What?*

The present paper analyses citations in the work of a large number of

PhD students. We show that the pattern of citations of journal articles,

books and other reference material differs substantially across areas

within economics. An investigation of reciprocal citations reveals a

surprisingly low degree of communication among the Group of Eight

universities and a high propensity to cite authors from the same

institution, especially supervisors. We also analyse the Australian share

of cited works, and identify journals, articles and authors that PhD

students value highly.

I Introduction

As the

Table 3 classifies the references into type and area.

The last row of Panel A of the table shows that on 

average for all areas, journal articles account for

57 per cent, books 27 per cent and other items 16

per cent. Quandt (1976; p. 750) has provided comparable

figures on book citations in eight major

economics journals in 1970 and, interestingly, the

average of his figures, approximately 30 per cent,

is not too different from ours. In Panel C of

Table 3 we use departures from independence as a

measure of the intensity of the three types of references


And there may be other relevant articles if you continue the search. EG


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 I did, just now, dig out my copy of George  Stigler's The Economist as Preacher book, and perused his chapter/article (co-authored with Claire Friedland) on "The Pattern of Citation Practices in Economics."  He notes the general trend over the history of economics toward greater attention to articles, and less to books.  He also has a table on p. 178 in which he documents that in his 1925-1969 data base, there is considerable variation by economics subfield in the number of citations to journal articles versus the number of citations to books.  For example, on the high end, 50.9% of the citations in Economic Theory were to journal articles, while, on the low end, 26.6% of the citations in History of Economic Thought were to journal articles. 

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Dear Art: It has been a while since we corresponded. It occurred to me that you might be able to answer this person’s question. 
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Dear list members, 
A colleague of mine asked me a question on citation practices: are books cited more often than articles? She would be most interested in any general work on the topic, and also on specific studies on the field of economics. 
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