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TITLE:          How Much Does Journal Reputation Tell Us About the

                Academic Interest and Relevance of Economic Research?
Empirical Analysis

                and Implications for Environmental Economic Research
(Article, English)

AUTHOR:         Schlapfer, F


                (2). 2010. p.140-145 OEKOM VERLAG, MUNICH


SEARCH TERM(S):  JOURNAL  item_title


KEYWORDS:       citation index; incentives; interdisciplinarity;

                publication; research evaluation; scientometrics



ABSTRACT:       Unlike in other disciplines, research output in

is commonly measured based on the disciplinary reputation of the
journals in which an author has published. Here, I examine how much
output measures based on journal reputation tell us about the academic
interest and relevance of economic papers as measured by frequency of

Using data from the 2008 Hondelsblatt ranking of economists in German
speaking countries and interdisciplinary citation data from the Web of
Science, I find that researcher scores based on journal reputation
explain only about 30 percent of the variation (variance) in article
citations. When the top 10 (20) percent of the researchers according to
journal reputation scores are excluded, the percentage of explained
variation in citation frequency drops to 8 (3) percent. Furthermore,
using environmental economics journals as an example, I show that the
traditional output measures strongly discourage applied and
interdisciplinary economic research. The findings confirm that the
traditional output measures provide incentives for narrow economic work
even if that work is of interest to only few other researchers.

Responsible hiring committees and funding institutions should take these
problems seriously and re-consider existing standards in the evaluation
of economic research.


AUTHOR ADDRESS: F Schlapfer, Univ Zurich, Socioecon Inst, Hottingerstr

                CH-8032 Zurich, Switzerland


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