European Educational Research Quality: new sets of indicators, new framework, new methodologies: Geneva 17-18 September 2010

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2nd EERQI Workshop - Geneva 17-18 September 2010 // European Educational Research Quality: new sets of indicators, new framework, new methodologies - discussion of EERQI intermediate results within the scientific community

Since April 2008, the European Educational Research Quality Indicators (EERQI) project has been working, aiming at the reinforcement and enhancement of the worldwide visibility and competitiveness of European research by developing new indicators and methodologies to determine the quality of educational science research publications.
As part of the project, the second EERQI workshop will be held in Geneva 17-18 September, 2010. During this workshop, the intermediate results of the project will be discussed with the scientific community, including both those interested in educational research; and those with an interest in research evaluation, science and technology indicators and scientometrics, not the least those with an interest in research evaluation issues related to the humanities and the social sciences.
We are convinced that your participation in this workshop will be a significant contribution to the development of valid instruments for the assessment of research quality. Please do not hesitate to inform other colleagues who might be interested in this.
You will find more information about the workshop on the website:

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