Studies showing that review articles get more citations

Jacques Wainer wainer at IC.UNICAMP.BR
Tue Feb 23 07:23:44 EST 2010

I used: 

  author = 	 {Aksnes, D. W.},
  title = 	 {Citation rates and perceptions of scientific contribution},
  journal = 	 {Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology},
  year = 	 2006,
  key = 	 2,
  volume = 	 57,
  pages = 	 {169-185},
doi = {10.1002/asi.20262}}

  author = 	 {H. P. F. Peters  and  A. F. J. van Raan},
  title = 	 {On determinants of citation scores: A case study in chemical engineering},
  journal = 	 {Journal of the American Society for Information Science},
  year = 	 1994,
  volume = 	 45,
  number = 	 1,
  pages = 	 {39 - 49}}

as two references to the phenomenon. In this line, does anyone know
of studies that point out that METHODOLOGICAL papers are also cited more
than other research?


Jacques Wainer

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