Rojas-Sola et al. 2009. Bibliometric analysis of Latin American, Spanish and Portuguese Scientific Publications in the subject materials science, ceramics in JCR (SCI) database (1997-2008).

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Rojas-Sola, JI; Jorda-Albinana, B; Criado-Herrero, E. 2009. Bibliometric analysis 
of Latin American, Spanish and Portuguese Scientific Publications in the subject 
materials science, ceramics in JCR (SCI) database (1997-2008). BOLETIN DE LA 

Author Full Name(s): Rojas-Sola, J. I.; Jorda-Albinana, B.; Criado-Herrero, E.

Language: Spanish
Document Type: Article

Author Keywords: Bibliometric analysis; Impact Factor; Latinoamerican; ceramic 
research institutions; Universities; Research Centres; Ceramic Materials

Abstract: The Latin American scientific community is becoming increasingly 
significant in many areas, particularly, in the ceramic field because of its 
proximity to the processes of generation of infrastructure and housing demand 
in developing societies. The present study is devoted to determine the specific 
weight that each country, research institution and author have adquired. The 
thirty journals included in journal Citation Reports, under the category 
"Materials Science, Ceramics" along 1997-2008 period, have been selected and 
articles from Latin America and Portugal, have been analyzed Under a 
bibliometric approach. Thus, Within the document type "Journal Article or 
Review" 1423 papers have been collected and Studied from all institutional 
perspective; different bibliometric indicators (number of documents weighted 
impact factor, relative impact factor and the ratio between the number of 
citations and the number of documents) have been elaborated. Among the 
research centers showing a scientific highlight the most relevant is the 
University of Aveiro (Portugal) and the Universidade Federal de Sao Carlos 
(Brazil), followed by the Universidade Estadual Paulista and Universidade de Sao 
Paulo, both belonging to Brazil. The latter is also notable for its high weighted 
impact factor. Regarding publications, the Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids 
ranked first, by bringing together the 20.45% of scientific production in Latin 
America and Portugal published in the JCR (1423 items). However, if data from 
Spain were collected, the magazine Bulletin of the Spanish Society of Ceramics 
and Glass, it is the most relevant, taking into account the higher number of 
articles (524), that represents for 19.68% of total records founded (2663). It 
has also confirmed a remarkable international collaboration, mainly with Spain, 
France, Brazil, USA, England and Portugal, and highlighting the situation of the 
latter country, carrying out 49.11% of scientific production analyzed in 
international collaboration. Finally, it was found that the annual impact factor 
of scientific publications has been a growing trend in all Countries and 
particularly, in Brazil.

Addresses: [Rojas-Sola, J. I.] Univ Jaen, Escuela Politecn Super Jaen, Jaen 
23071, Spain; [Jorda-Albinana, B.] Univ Politecn Valencia, ETS Ingn Diseno, 
Valencia 46022, Spain; [Criado-Herrero, E.] CSIC, Inst Ceram & Vidrio, E-28049 
Madrid, Spain

Reprint Address: Rojas-Sola, JI, Univ Jaen, Escuela Politecn Super Jaen, 
Campus Lagunillas S-N, Jaen 23071, Spain.

E-mail Address: jirojas at; bego at; ecriado at

ISSN: 0366-3175

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