Haruechaiyasak, C; Thaiprayoon, S; Kongthon, A. 2010. Expertise Mapping Based on a Bibliographic Keyword Annotation Model

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Haruechaiyasak, C; Thaiprayoon, S; Kongthon, A. 2010. Expertise Mapping 
Based on a Bibliographic Keyword Annotation Model. ROLE OF DIGITAL 
LIBRARIES IN A TIME OF GLOBAL CHANGE 6102: 256-257. edited by Chowdhury, 
G; Koo, C; Hunter, J.presented at 12th International Conference on Asia-Pacific 
Digital Libraries in Gold Coast, AUSTRALIA, JUN 21-25, 2010.

Author Full Name(s): Haruechaiyasak, Choochart; Thaiprayoon, Santipong; 
Kongthon, Alisa

Book series title: Lecture Notes in Computer Science
Language: English
Document Type: Proceedings Paper

Author Keywords: Expertise mapping; expert finding; keyword annotation; 
bibliographic database; Science Citation Index (SCI)

Abstract: Expert finding is a task of identifying a list of people who are 
considered experts in a given specific domain. Many previous works have 
adopted bibliographic records (i.e., publications) as a source of evidence for 
representing the areas of expertise [1,2]. In this paper, we present an 
expertise mapping approach based on a probabilistic keyword annotation model 
constructed from bibliographic data. To build the model, we use the Science 
Citation Index (SCI) database as the main publication source due to its large 
coverage on science and technology (S&T) research areas. To represent the 
expertise keywords, we use the subject category field of the SCI database 
which provides general concepts for describing knowledge in UT such as 
"Biotechnology & Applied Microbiology", "Computer Science, Artificial 
Intelligence" and "Nanoscience Nanotechnology". The keyword annotation 
model contains a set of expertise keywords such that each is represented with 
a probability distribution over a set of terms appearing in titles and abstracts. 
Given publication records (perhaps from different sources) of an expert, a set 
of keywords can be automatically assigned to represent his/her area of 

Addresses: [Haruechaiyasak, Choochart; Thaiprayoon, Santipong; Kongthon, 
Alisa] Natl Elect & Comp Technol Ctr, Human Language Technol Lab, Klongluang 
12120, Pathumthani, Thailand

E-mail Address: choochart.har at nectec.or.th; santipong.tha at nectec.or.th; 
alisa.kon at nectec.or.th

ISSN: 0302-9743
ISBN: 978-3-642-13653-5
URL: http://www.springerlink.com/content/f1348355784117u7/

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