Di Vaio, G; Weisdorf, JL. 2010. Ranking economic history journals: a citation-based impact-adjusted analysis. CLIOMETRICA 4 (1): 1-17

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Di Vaio, G; Weisdorf, JL. 2010. Ranking economic history journals: a citation-
based impact-adjusted analysis. CLIOMETRICA 4 (1): 1-17.

Author Full Name(s): Di Vaio, Gianfranco; Weisdorf, Jacob Louis
Language: English
Document Type: Article

Author Keywords: Economic history; Journal ranking; Citation analysis; 
Scientometrics; Impact factor

Abstract: This study ranks-for the first time-12 international academic journals 
that have economic history as their main topic. The ranking is based on data 
collected for the year 2007. Journals are ranked using standard citation 
analysis where we adjust for age, size and self-citation of journals. We also 
compare the leading economic history journals with the leading journals in 
economics in order to measure the influence on economics of economic history, 
and vice versa. With a few exceptions, our results confirm the general idea 
about what economic history journals are the most influential for economic 
history, and that, although economic history is quite independent from 
economics as a whole, knowledge exchange between the two fields is indeed 
going on.

Addresses: [Di Vaio, Gianfranco] LUISS Guido Carli, Fac Econ, I-00197 Rome, 
Italy; [Di Vaio, Gianfranco] Univ Perugia, Dept Econ Finance & Stat, I-06123 
Perugia, Italy; [Weisdorf, Jacob Louis] Univ Copenhagen, Dept Econ, DK-1455 
Copenhagen, Denmark

Reprint Address: Di Vaio, G, LUISS Guido Carli, Fac Econ, Viale Romania 32, I-
00197 Rome, Italy.

E-mail Address: gdivaio at luiss.it; jacob.weisdorf at econ.ku.dk
ISSN: 1863-2505
DOI: 10.1007/s11698-009-0039-y
URL: http://www.springerlink.com/content/450um864x764j436/

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