Scopus hit counts shrinking for same query

Peter Jacso jacso at HAWAII.EDU
Mon May 18 19:02:08 EDT 2009

Thanks Juan, 
indeed the problem applies to every search with or without field or date restriction.  
My concern is if this problem has been there for a few days invalidating my search results of the past days.
I called the US rep of Scopus, he was alerted of the problem but did not know for how long this problem persisted. 
I suggested to the US rep to display a warning at the log-in stage to alert users (as swimmers are about rip tide currents).
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From: Juan Gorraiz <juan.gorraiz at UNIVIE.AC.AT>
Date: Monday, May 18, 2009 10:29
Subject: Re: [SIGMETRICS] Scopus hit counts shrinking for same query

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> dear peter
> at the moment there are some problems with scopus.
> looking for articles from one author, scopus reports to have 
> found a
> certain number of articles, but when retrieving them, only a 
> part of them
> can be displayed!
> juan
> On Mo, 18.05.2009, 21:48, Peter Jacso wrote:
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> >
> >
> > I spotted Scopus producing very different (mostly shrinking 
> number of) hit
> > counts for identical queries when repeated minutes later, i.e.
> >      hawaii 115,295 then when repeated
> >      hawaii 112,798
> > I spotted this Sunday evening (after the MLA exhibit hall 
> closed here). I
> > e-mailed the Amsterdam office as it was Monday morning there, 
> but I
> > received no reply.
> > I would not be much concerned about a temporary dementia but I 
> have done
> > quite a number  of searches the days before on Scopus for a research
> > paper, and I wonder if anyone has spotted this problem already 
> last week,
> > making my earlier results invalid.
> > Thanks
> > peter jacso
> >
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