New Beta version of the Ranking Web of World Repositories

Isidro F. Aguillo isidro at CINDOC.CSIC.ES
Mon May 26 09:17:43 EDT 2008

We have taken into account some of the suggestions regarding the Ranking 
Web of World Repositories for the new Beta 2 version. We have changed 
the domain that it is now autonomous from the Universities Ranking one:

This will allow to be more flexible in the future and to enlarge and 
diversify the coverage. Now we are ranking the Top 300 instead the first 
200 as in the previous edition. New repositories have been added, like 
PubMedCentral that was missed and others have been deleted because they 
are not focused on research papers.

The most important changes are related to ranking methodology: For the 
Rich files ranking we are considering only Adobe Acrobat pdf files, as 
other formats numbers were very low for ranking purposes. For the same 
reason, only data extracted from Google and Yahoo were considered. 
Regarding Scholar ranking, it is now build from the mean between the 
total number of items and those published between 2001 and 2008 to 
increase the weight of the "freshness".

Finally we are suggesting the use of Google Analytics as common minimum 
standards for obtaining usage data, clearly the weakest point of our 
current approach.

Comments are welcomed as usual,

Isidro F. Aguillo
Laboratorio de Cibermetría
Cybermetrics Lab
Joaquin Costa, 22
28002 Madrid. Spain

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