Drawing neural networks

James Hartley j.hartley at PSY.KEELE.AC.UK
Fri Mar 7 05:31:15 EST 2008

Can anyone help a colleague of mine - please see the message below:

From: <j.h.wearden at psy.keele.ac.uk>
Subject: [Psyall] Drawing neural networks

>I want to draw neural networks (nerdy, I know....), producing the kind of
> figures you see all the time in books and papers (if you read this stuff).
> Has anyone any idea of which drawing packages a person might use to do
> these things? Obviously, Word is useless for this, and Sigmaplot (although
> great for figures) won't do it either. I'd particularly like information
> about any free drawing packages that are around our there....if there are
> any!

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