Science/NSF report

Loet Leydesdorff loet at LEYDESDORFF.NET
Tue Feb 19 08:46:21 EST 2008

PS. I just received a prompt correction from one of our colleagues: the JCR
includes all journals in the SCIE, not only SCI. Perhaps, this explains the
difference. I'll check.

Best wishes, Loet

Dear Vladimir,

> I used to think that NSF (or rather ipIQ Inc.) works with 
> SCI, not SCIE and 
> that explains the difference in the number of journals. They 
> always call 
> the database SCI and it is available on disk as far as I 
> know. 

I used the SCI for the comparison, and not the SCIE. The SCI corresponds to
the Journal Citations Reports. The number of journals in the SCIE is much
larger and also sometimes expanding. :-)

> The final ~500 journals are excluded as they formed "professional 
> fields" column in 
> SEI-2006 which is omitted in 2008 version, as is expressly 
> stated on p. 5-
> 37 of the Vol. 1.

Can you, perhaps, have a listing of these ~500 professional journals? How
are they distinguished? (Sets are often fuzzy, aren't they?)
With best wishes, 


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