New Ranking of Central and Institutional Repositories

Thomas Krichel krichel at OPENLIB.ORG
Sat Feb 9 11:43:33 EST 2008

  Stevan Harnad writes

> (Could Tom please state his evidence for this, comparing the 12 mandated
> IRs so far with unmandated control IRs -- as Arthur Sale did for a subset,
> demonstrating the exact opposite of what Tom here claims.)

  Show me an archive, and a university, who will vouch that for a
  certain period, all that is in the IR  with free full-text 
  is a equivalent to the university's authors' total research 
  papers in the same period. Does such a university exist?

> And the question of the *locus* of mandated deposit still needs to
> be sorted out for the funder mandates: they ought to be mandating IR
> deposit and central harvesting rather than going against the tide by
> needlessly mandating direct central deposit.

  Central deposit in the funders archive is better because 
  it assures the funder that a copy is and remains available. It
  does not preclude IR archiving. 

> (It was my impression that Tom Krichel too was a fan of distributed
> local self-archiving and central harvesting; as I recall, he was one of
> those who warned me off of centralism during my brief fatuous flirtation
> with it.

  I remember still you apologizing to me in a public meeting about
  this. Surely, few readers of this forum will believe it happened, but
  I have witnesses. ;-)

  Now you just as infatuated with the idea of in institutional
  mandate as a simple solution. You love simple ideas, that 
  you then keep on repeating. 

> But now Tom seems so comfortable with the continuing spontaneous
> deposit rate of economists

  Where is your evidence for this? I am not comfortable. For a start,
  I am in Siberia at this time. ;-)

> that he does not notice that this spontaneous formula has utterly
> failed to generalize to all other disciplines for well over a decade
> now,

  I may be dump, but I am not deluded. I do notice. 

  The problem is that there are not enough pioneers such as Paul Ginsparg and 
  Thomas Krichel. And they don't get enough help. It's time for universities
  to support academics who are interested to lead forward scholarly
  initiative for their groups of scholars. Help them with disk space,
  CPU time, open TCP ports etc. In the long run this will generate more
  visibility for the sponsoring institution (per money spent) than
  pure research. 

  BTW, I am working in pioneering initiatives (again), if an institution
  is interested in sponsorship (in kind not money) get in touch.


  Thomas Krichel          
                                               skype: thomaskrichel

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