Cullen, D (Cullen, David) Back to the future: Eugenics - A bibliographic essay PUBLIC HISTORIAN, 29 (3): 163-175 SUM 2007

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Author(s): Cullen, D (Cullen, David) 

Title: Back to the future: Eugenics - A bibliographic essay 

Source: PUBLIC HISTORIAN, 29 (3): 163-175 SUM 2007 

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Language: English 

Document Type: Bibliography 

Author Keywords: eugenics; genetics; sterilization; better breeding 
Abstract: The following essay is a review of the literature about the 
American eugenics movement produced by scholars over the last fifty years. 
The essay provides an explanation for today's renewed interest in the 
subject and for why the science of eugenics remains relevant to 
contemporary society. The essay examines the catalyst to re-examine the 
eugenics movement, the influence of Darwinian thought upon its 
development, the political and institutional support for its growth, the 
relationship between eugenics, sterilization, and sex, and how the 
twentieth-century promises of the science of better breeding was a 
precursor to the twenty-first-century promise of genetic engineering.
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ISSN: 0272-3433 

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