Characterization of the Argentinian Web

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Characterization of the Argentinian Web
Gabriel Tolosa, Fernando Bordignon, Ricardo Baeza-Yates, Carlos Castillo

Cybermetrics, 11 (2007), Issue 1, Paper 3

This article presents the results of research on the characterization of 
the Argentinian web domain over a sample of almost 10 million web pages 
from 150.000 sites collected in the early 2006. Particularly, we have 
studied page contents, link structure and technologies used in the 
construction of the sites. The results are consistent with earlier 
research on other national web domains, where the same analysis 
methodology has been used.
This study reveals a number of interesting facts: To begin with, there 
is a significant proportion (97.6%) of “” domains with respect to 
other second level domains. As regards page contents, we have found a 
predominance of terms related to commercial activity. However, terms 
found in site names, extracted from their URLs, are mostly related to 
tourism. A large proportion of the pages (55%) do not have inbound links 
coming from other sites in the “.ar” domain while a 30% do not have 
outbound links. 72% of the pages have been created or modified in the 
last year, which indicates that the Argentinian web space is growing 
quickly. As for technologies, 48% of the pages from the sample are 
static and 52% dynamic, the latter being mostly built using free tools 
like PHP and Perl. Besides, 76% of the sites are hosted on servers 
geographically located in Argentina. These two facts show there is an 
important web-related technological development and communication 
infrastructure in Argentina.

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