Accuracy of Thomson data - decentralising data collection and enhancing the scope of scientometrics?

Loet Leydesdorff loet at LEYDESDORFF.NET
Wed Dec 19 14:17:41 EST 2007

Dear Christina and colleagues, 

I was thinking along similar lines and therefore decided to write a routine
which allows me to fuse Scopus data with ISI data. The first (preliminary
version) is available at 

The program reads a file in the csv-format exported from Scopus and produces
a file ISI.txt which is in the tagged format of the ISI database. This file
can be used for input into HistCite or to my programs. (One may have to
rename the file.) I tested two of my programs and I have to make some
adaptations, but it seems doable. 

The Scopus files contain also mistakes. For example, addresses are often
given twice, and sometimes incomplete.

With best wishes, 


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