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Dear Christina and colleagues:


Incorrect journal abbreviations and non-ISI sources


J Phys Chem-US


Phys Rev


Biochim Biophys Acta




Am J Physiol




Am J Med Genet


J Bone Joint Surg


J Biomed Mater Res


J Chem Soc Perk T 1


Am Rev Respir Dis


P Soc Photo-Opt Ins


Acta Metall Mater


Mmwr-Morbid Mortal W


Table 4: Non-ISI sources and incorrect journal abbreviations with more than
10,000 citations in the JCR 2005.

"With its 54,139 citations, the J Phys Chem-US would belong to the top-50
journals of the database if it were included. However, this journal is
included in the ISI-database under the abbreviations J Phys Chem A and J
Phys Chem B with 32,086 and 59,826 citations, respectively. For some
journals, however, the different spellings in the references may have large
implications. Bornman et al. (2007, at p. 105) found 21.5% overestimation of
the impact factor of Angewandte Chemie in 2005 because of authors providing
references to both the German and international editions of this journal
(Marx, 2001)." 
Source: " <blocked::http://www.leydesdorff.net/cit_indicators/index.htm>
Caveats for the Use of Citation Indicators in Research and Journal
Evaluations," Journal of the American Society for Information Science and
Technology, February 2008 (forthcoming; available as Early View). 
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Loet Leydesdorff

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> Interesting article -- this came across another listserv I'm on. 
> - Calls for an audit of WoS data. 
> - Suggests median measure
> - Points to errors caused by article type designations.
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> The Suber blog has a pointer to an interesting editorial in
> the J. Cell
> Biology related to how articles are counted by Thomson ISI.
> Rather than repost here, I'll give the reference to JCB.  (Worthwhile
> for the cartoon alone!)
> http://www.jcb.org/cgi/content/full/179/6/1091
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