Looking for Price 1976 (not 1967) paper

Frank Havemann havemanf at CMS.HU-BERLIN.DE
Tue Dec 4 06:21:38 EST 2007

Dear Gene,

many thanks for your advice to HistCite.

Years ago I read in the book of Egghe & Rousseau about Derek Price's paper. 
Later I found Mark Newman's 2003 review (see below) very instructive with 
regard to the exact solution of the Price Model. He is one of the physicists 
which cite this paper. He shows that the Price model is much better than the 
famous Barabasi-Albert model.  

Frank Havemann

 3. Dezember 2007 18:48 Eugene Garfield:
> Dear Frank: If you go the following URL you will find several HistCite
> collections related to Derek Price's work.
> http://garfield.library.upenn.edu/histcomp/index-price.html
> Of late the 1976 paper in JASIS has become popular among physicists.
> Gene Garfield
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  author = {M. E. J. Newman},
  title = {The structure and function of complex networks},
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