Johan Bollen, Marko A. Rodriguez, and Herbert Van de Sompel "Journal Status" arXiv:cs.GL/0601030 v1 9 Jan 2006

Frank Havemann havemanf at CMS.HU-BERLIN.DE
Wed Mar 8 10:31:16 EST 2006

The main problem I have with this paper is:

The weighted "PageRank" algorithm was proposed already in 1978 for citation
networks of journals by Nancy L. Geller (see below).

The difference of Geller and PageRank is only that in the case of journals
normally a damping factor is not needed (lambda = 1).

In the paper by Bollen et al. I have not found any hint for which reason they
need damping and how different damping factors influence their results.

author = {Nancy L. Geller},
title = {{On the citation influence methodology of Pinski and Narin}},
journal = {Information Processing \& Management},
year = {1978},
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number = {2},
pages = {93--95},

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