Johan Bollen, Marko A. Rodriguez, and Herbert Van de Sompel "Journal Status" arXiv:cs.GL/0601030 v1 9 Jan 2006

Loet Leydesdorff loet at LEYDESDORFF.NET
Wed Mar 8 01:47:01 EST 2006

> PS  I use ISI subject categories and have found them very
> good.  But then I am used to using bad classification systems
> like LC and the DDC.

I am happy for you! However, this was not my question. I was just wondering
about the methodological legitimation of these categories. Can one use
something which one does not understand -- and nobody seems to understand
them -- as a basis for research and evaluation decisions? One knows that
outcomes of, for example, bibliometric assessments are heavily dependent on
this type of delineations.

Perhaps, I am the more old-fashioned one of the two of us. :-)

Best,  Loet

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