Johan Bollen, Marko A. Rodriguez, and Herbert Van de Sompel "Journal Status" arXiv:cs.GL/0601030 v1 9 Jan 2006

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The distinction between review journals and primary journals
has long been oversimplified.

Some journals, even the best,  have a mixture of both,
such as Nature, or Science, or cerrtain biology.
Some BMC titles fall into this cateogry as well,  and for them,
only the primary content is OA.

Many primary  journals place  one review article
in the front of each issue.  This is sometimes written by invitation
by a scientist of  greater repute than their usual authors.It serves
the purpose of attracting readers; it also serves the purpose of
 inflating the impact factor.

Unlike purely review journals, these titles can not be
derived from JCR formal criteria, such as the small number
and great length of the articles.

Many A&I services class any article with more than
a cerrtain number of references as a review article, because such an
 article is usually comprehensive enough to serve the purposes of
a review.

I thus think the formal distinction unspecific, whether between journals or between
individual articles, yet I recognize the need of it, and have nothing better to offer.
Still, like all publication data, it should be used with the awareness of
the ambiguities. Unfortunately, though a author may use it properly, the reader
may not fully understand, and one cannot insert a caution of this length whenever the
word is mentioned.

What one can easily do  is to link to the help pages from ISI:
 about review articles:
about review journals:  (section on
"Impact factor by article type.")

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> Dear Stephen,
> Journals are different in size, prestige, etc., but they are also
> differently positioned in networks which differ in terms of the
> densities of
> the graphs. You are mainly interested in stratification within one
> graph/discipline, that is, chemistry. For example, you are
> interested in the
> differences between review journals and article journals

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