Problems with the 2003 Impact Factor of Energy Exploration and Exploitation?

Juan Miguel Campanario juan.campanario at UAH.ES
Mon Mar 6 06:34:48 EST 2006

I am studying now the 2003 Impact Factor of


According the ISI, there are 5 citations that contribute to the Impact Factor

Cites in 2003 to articles published in: 2002 = 3
2001 = 2
SUM: 5

Number of articles published in: 2002 = 35
2001 = 25
Sum: 60

Calculation: Cites to recent articles  5 = 0.083
   Number of recent articles  60

Now, when we go to the "Cited Journal" and we download the "Cited Journal
data table"
it seems to me that there are some problems.
Citations from ALL JOURNALS, 2002= 3
Citatons from ALL JOURNALS, 2001= 2
I guess that these are the 5 citations that contribute to the Impact Factor.

However, the column 2002 only shows 1 citation (from Energy Explot Exploit)
(see the atached file)
The column 2001 shows 0 citations
So, it seems that there are 4 missing citations

The sum of citations in other columns (2000, 1999, ...) seems to be O.K.

Now, if we add the numbers if row "All Journals", the total number is 27, not
31 as stated in the table.
Now, if we add the numbers corresponding to journals and years, we obtain
23, for rows and columns (yelow and orange, in the atached file). It seems
again that there are 4 citations that have dissapeared....

Note that I am using the data from the ISI, I am not computing citations.

Is there something wrong with my data or computations?


Juan Miguel Campanario
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