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Fri Jul 7 17:40:58 EDT 2006

Good afternoon


A humble bibliometrics fan with a question about a certain field in


Eight years ago using Dialog access to SSCI, I was able to identify
which countries were most frequently represented in the literature of
Library & Information Science.  I did this by:


*       Using JCR - identify the top 10 journal titles in the category
called "Library & Information Science" 
*       Using SSCI - identify the "Geographic Location" (particular
field in each record) for each article - according to SSCI this
corresponded to the primary author's self-reported country 


In trying to replicate this search now I encounter two problems:


1.      JCR doesn't seem to have a category called "Library &
Information Science" anymore.  Am I just missing this?  I'm not sure how
to identify this collection of journals - except through my own
subjective selection of titles 


2.      Using SSCI through Web of Science - I am unable to see the "CO"
(Country of Origin - seems to have replaced Geographic Location) field
in the full record.  I know in the advanced search, there is an option
to limit to particular countries - but I want to be able to display the
CO field for a list of records - just as you would view the author or
source field for each record. 



Does anyone on the list have an answer/insight to either of these


Many thanks





Rachael Green Clemens

Distance Education Librarian

Pollak Library

California State University Fullerton




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